The Rosary
The Joyful Mysteries 

The Visitation

Luke 1,45
And blessed art thou that has believed, because those things shall be accomplished that were spoken to thee by the Lord.

A short meditation on the event
We come to know one another through acts more than words. In her dialogue with the Angel, Mary revealed her humility, her honesty and her generosity. Here, Mary's scrupulous obedience to God has been clearly demonstrated by the fact that she left to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, as soon as she got the brief message from the Angel about her - she made a quick decision full of kindness.
When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Without receiving any news, Elizabeth showed miraculous knowledge of the Incarnation of the Word. Her greeting to Mary was therefore full of respect. She was the first, here on earth, to give her the magnificent title that she would forever be known by: she called her the Mother of her Lord.
In response to the explosion of happiness that burst out from Elizabeth's words, Mary cried out from the deepest part of her heart "My soul doth magnify the Lord…"

With the chapel at rue du Bac
Feast of faith and joy, the Visitation is also a fraternal service. As a result, Mary has inspired more than one Christian! After the meeting with the Holy Virgin, St Catherine worked in the hospice of Reuilly for the elderly and the poor for forty-six years, in total sacrifice…

Graces for now
Through Mary, God fills a whole family with graces and blessings. Let's ask that God live in us so that we may give Him to others, like Mary did.

Clausule: … and Jesus Lord, the fruit of thy womb…

Inspiration: Like Elisabeth, let's open the door to Mary. When the Holy Spirit sees Mary in a soul, he rushes in…